Sunday, July 17, 2016


Happy Monday! This weekend, I went to Disney Shanghai. The park just opened three weeks ago so everything was brand new. What a magical day it was! I got to the park around 1 PM because I didn't want to fight the crowds when the park opened. I went with a friend from class so we walked around for a few hours taking in all the new sights and taking pictures with the Disney characters. We opted not to go on any rides because the wait for each line was 1-3 hours long! Instead, we went to a few shows...Lilo & Stitch and Tarzan. Both of these shoes were in Chinese so it was interesting to pick up on the differences, but most of the time I actually didn't know what was going on! Haha! After dinner, we went to the firework show at the castle and left around 10 PM. This was the BEST part of the day! I loved it and would recommend going if you're ever in China.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

A Newer Kat in SHANGHAI (A Typical Day)

I started the day by waking up to this view. I'm staying in a hotel for six weeks and my room is located on the 12th floor. I have pretty great views of the city! 

After I get ready for work, I head down to the lobby for complimentary breakfast. The hotel serves both Western and Chinese style breakfast. It's so see that yogurt in the picture? Chinese people drink it with a straw! 

The hotel only serves hot coffee at breakfast so every morning I go to a bakery next door to get an iced latte. It's SO good, better than the States! 

After breakfast and coffee, I head to the Metro to go to work. It is literally a mile walk to the subway underground! UGH! 

Usually I have a minute or two before the subway arrives, so I try to snap an outfit pic. This is pretty funny because I already get starred at because I look different and then I get starred at more for trying to take a good blog picture!

I'm only three metro stops away from work (La Bottega) so I arrive pretty quickly around 10 AM. Usually the elevator is so crowded but on this rare occasion, it was empty!

I go to lunch around 1 PM and let me tell you it is an adventure every day. See those scooters? I pray that I don't get hit by one everyday. They're in the street and on the sidewalk and they don't follow any traffic laws! 

This is what a typical lunch looks like for me. I usually go to this famous dumpling place and get three. They're filled with soup so you have to be careful when you eat them so you don't burn yourself! I get stared at so much in this restaurant because I am usually the only American!

After lunch, I stop by a local fruit stand. I usually get this fruit which is less than $2.50 and so ripe. It's the best fruit I've every eaten. 

Work ends at 6 and then the battle to get on the subway begins. Sometimes I have to wait for a second subway to come because its so crowded. This is what a typical rush hour subway looks like.

When I get back from work, I'm usually exhausted so I either eat in the hotel or get something local. If I go to a local restaurant, this is what the meal usually looks style! My favorite foods here so far are the rice and noodles, and grilled octopus!

If I'm lucky, some nights when I go out I get to see this amazing view! It's breathtaking and reminds me why I chose to come here. 

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Week 1 Recap-Shanghai, China

Hello from Shanghai! Week one is officially exhausting one for sure! This week was filled with many "firsts"..figuring out how to order food, taking Mandarin lessons, finishing class, navigating the subway, and getting many strange stares from the locals. Nonetheless, it was still a good week. My favorite part of the trip so far is exploring new places in the city. So far I went to the Gardens, East Nanjing Road, People's Square, and the Bund (the pictures above were taken at People's Square). Although I'm getting used to the city already, I'm definitely not used to EVERYONE staring at me and even taking pictures of me. It's the funniest thing. We are like celebrities here! Tomorrow I start my internship with Mr. Monkies, a customizable sneaker company. Look them up on Instagram...they're so cool!! I'll be sure to update you after my first day!