Thursday, July 14, 2016

A Newer Kat in SHANGHAI (A Typical Day)

I started the day by waking up to this view. I'm staying in a hotel for six weeks and my room is located on the 12th floor. I have pretty great views of the city! 

After I get ready for work, I head down to the lobby for complimentary breakfast. The hotel serves both Western and Chinese style breakfast. It's so see that yogurt in the picture? Chinese people drink it with a straw! 

The hotel only serves hot coffee at breakfast so every morning I go to a bakery next door to get an iced latte. It's SO good, better than the States! 

After breakfast and coffee, I head to the Metro to go to work. It is literally a mile walk to the subway underground! UGH! 

Usually I have a minute or two before the subway arrives, so I try to snap an outfit pic. This is pretty funny because I already get starred at because I look different and then I get starred at more for trying to take a good blog picture!

I'm only three metro stops away from work (La Bottega) so I arrive pretty quickly around 10 AM. Usually the elevator is so crowded but on this rare occasion, it was empty!

I go to lunch around 1 PM and let me tell you it is an adventure every day. See those scooters? I pray that I don't get hit by one everyday. They're in the street and on the sidewalk and they don't follow any traffic laws! 

This is what a typical lunch looks like for me. I usually go to this famous dumpling place and get three. They're filled with soup so you have to be careful when you eat them so you don't burn yourself! I get stared at so much in this restaurant because I am usually the only American!

After lunch, I stop by a local fruit stand. I usually get this fruit which is less than $2.50 and so ripe. It's the best fruit I've every eaten. 

Work ends at 6 and then the battle to get on the subway begins. Sometimes I have to wait for a second subway to come because its so crowded. This is what a typical rush hour subway looks like.

When I get back from work, I'm usually exhausted so I either eat in the hotel or get something local. If I go to a local restaurant, this is what the meal usually looks style! My favorite foods here so far are the rice and noodles, and grilled octopus!

If I'm lucky, some nights when I go out I get to see this amazing view! It's breathtaking and reminds me why I chose to come here. 

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