Monday, November 28, 2016

A Newer Kat in PRAGUE

Happy Monday! The weeks seem to keep going by quicker and quicker right? I can't believe it's already almost December!! Where did the time go!? As you could tell by my Instagram (@anewerkatintown), I've been travelling every weekend for the past two months. It's been such fulfilling experience thus far. My favorite places that I've visited in the last few weeks have been Switzerland, Berlin, and of course, Prague. For those of you who don't know, I lived and studied abroad in Prague last summer (read all of the places I've traveled and lived here). When I decided to study abroad again for the fall semester, I knew I had to go back to the city that stole my heart, and quite honestly changed my life! My brother actually studied abroad here as well, so I guess you could say it has a special place in both of our lives! Keep scrolling to see why I love it so much. 

Where I Stayed & Lived: On this trip, I stayed in the Charles Bridge Economic Hostel. It was a great choice and super affordable (as the name suggests). Last summer, I lived in an apartment in New Town. I would actually not recommend staying in either of these places, but rather staying closer to Old Town as there are more tourist activities to do there. 

Where I Ate: 
  • Cukrakavlimonada - Outstanding brunch/lunch restaurant
  • *Dejvicka Farmer's Market - The BEST farmer's market that serves fresh prepared food, etc.; only on Saturday's from about 9AM-1PM
  • Pasta Cafe - Good for a quick lunch
  • Maly Buddha - The BEST chicken curry and Vietnamese food 
  • Mama Coffee 
  • Original Coffee 

What I Did: 
  • Climb the Astronomical Clock 
  • Climb the Petrin Tower - Outstanding panoramic views of the city; recommend going at sunset 
  • See the Metronome - Great views of the city 
  • Head to the Hanavsky Pavillion - Great place to visit after seeing the Metronome; recommend getting a hot chocolate and enjoying the view 
  • Visit Wenceslas Square and Old Town Square 
  • Walk across the Charles Bridge 
  • Visit the Castle 

What To Be Prepared For: Prague is especially notorious for pickpocketers. Be aware of your belongings at all times! 

Thanks for reading as always! I love talking about my experience in this city, so feel free to comment if you have any questions!

Monday, November 7, 2016

Flare Jeans + Top 5 Things To Do in Milan

Ciao from Milano! It's been a long week since I lasted posted. I was cherishing all the time I could get with my Mom who was visiting me all the way from New Jersey. We had a great week! If you saw on my Instagram, @anewerkatintown, we went to Lake Como (see full post here), Rome, and Parma. I was going to dedicate this post to our trip in Rome, but I decided to dedicate it to Milan instead, as I spend most of my time here. 

So what's so great about Milan? Over the past two months, I have grown to love all that this city has to offer...the food, the markets, the attractions, and more. Milan isn't usually on the "must see list" when visiting Italy, but nonetheless, it's someplace that I think is definitely worth the visit! Keep scrolling to see my top 5 things to do in Milan. 

1. Enjoy a cappuccino by the Duomo or in the Galleria. - This is one of my favorite things to do on a lazy afternoon. I love to people watch and could spend hours doing so! 

2. Stroll along the Navigli Canals - The pictures you see above were taken here in one of my favorite places in the city. This new and upcoming part of town is home to endless brunch cafes, vintage markets, and canals that look just like Amsterdam. My favorite cafe is called That's Bakery

3. Venture to a Local Farmer's Market. - Almost every Tuesday and Saturday, I venture to local farmer's markets and flea markets. There are various ones throughout the city every day of the week. See a full list here

4. Eat, eat, and eat. - As they say, "When in Rome, do as the Romans do". Well, when in Milan, eat like the Milanese do! Milan is famous for inventing the aperitivo which consists of an unlimited buffet and one cocktail drink for a total of 5-15 euro. It's a great way to experience the Milanese culture! 

5. Spend the afternoon window shopping (or shopping, haha!). - As many of you already know, Milan is considered to be the "fashion capital of the world". There are many commercial shops by the Duomo, and cute boutiques in the Brera District. Of course, if you're looking for more high end fashion, take a walk along Via Montenapoleone

Thanks for reading as always! P.S. My outfit is super comfortable and can be easily recreated. My bag is from Target. They have some great stuff for fall! Click on the pictures below to see more. XOXO