Monday, February 13, 2017

A Newer Kat in STOCKHOLM

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to travel to Stockholm! The city was beautiful, but let me tell you it was FREEZING! If I ever go back, I'm going in the summer! Keep reading to hear more about my Swedish weekend...

Where I Stayed: City Hostel 
  • You can find more information about the hostel on their website. I opted to stay in a female dorm which I normally do. I really enjoyed the amenities that were provided...large & spacious kitchen, games & books in the common area, a computer lounge, and the staff was extremely helpful in guiding us in the right direction! My only complaint is that the hostel did not have 24 hour reception and I didn't feel completely safe knowing there wasn't someone at the first desk. 
Where I ate: Okay, don't judge me BUT I actually only ate Asian food all weekend. I don't know why but I was really craving it! In general, I would recommend trying local food which consists mostly of meat. I couldn't eat most of these dishes because I'm vegetarian. That being said, I ate at:
  • Koh Phangan - Outstanding curry and fun atmosphere 
  • Noni Sushi 
What I Did: 
  • Walked EVERYWHERE! (literally 12 miles in one day) 
  • Toured the Royal Palace 
  • Saw a bird's eye view of the city for FREE at Fjallgatan
  • Visited Skansen, a replica of life in the olden days of Stockholm...similar to Colonial Williamsburg 
  • Visited City Hall where the Nobel Peace Prizes are awarded 
  • Took a boat ride across one of the main canal
What To Be Prepared For: 
  • Stockholm is an EXTREMELY expensive city so budget a minimum of 10 dollars for breakfast and 40 dollars for lunch and dinner
  • If you are visiting in the winter, wear as many layers as possible as the temperatures were below 30 degrees with wind!
Stay tuned for a new post next Monday about my adventures in the mountains of Romania this weekend! 

*Thank you to City Hostel for sponsoring this post.


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