Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Finding Your Style

Photography by Rebecca Greff 
Similar Denim Jacket here // NY Graphic Organic Tee // 
Thrifted Skirt, Similar Skirt here // 
Glitter Socks // Similar Sneakers here //

Over the last few months, I've had many people come up to me and say, "Wow, Kat. You're so different...you look so happy". My usual response is a sweet and simple, "Thank you!", but that's just the tip of the iceberg. What I really want to say is, "Thank you, I'm happy because I've found myself and my style, and I'm finally being me". 

After living in the fashion capital of the world for a year, I was exposed to many styles and trends. I would often sit outside at a cafe with a notebook and people-watch. The sidewalk was like its own runway, a different show every day. Whenever I saw pieces I liked, I would jot them down and come up with outfit ideas for myself. The problem was, none of the pieces in my current wardrobe matched what I actually liked. Around the same time, one of my good friends said to me, "The outfits you post on your blog are nice, but they're never outfits I could see you actually wearing". This was a HUGE wake up call for me, and after this realization, I slowly began shopping at boutiques and thrift stores. I started buying more unique pieces and experimenting with my style until I could look at my wardrobe and see a collection of pieces that represented the real me. 

If you're struggling to find your style, I encourage you to take a step outside your comfort zone and stop being influenced to buy the same exact pair of shoes and earrings that you see 1000 times on Instagram. Be unique, be you, and remember to have fun while doing it. 

P.S. My skirt is thrifted and my top is made from organic materials and environmentally friendly dyes. Yay for sustainability! 

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  1. Loved this! Finding your own style and being true to both it and your self are such important (and often overlooked) parts of fashion blogging.

  2. You are too cute! These pictures make me smile - you look so happy! :D

    xo, Katie
    Willow and White

  3. Great advice! I was the same way for the first two years of blogging, I wanted to try new trends even if they weren't really my style. This year I decided also to give up on chasing fads and wear what I really like. I love this outfit and you look so happy wearing it. xo, Emily


  4. This is such a great post! LOVE!

    xx Rebecca / The Crystal Press

  5. I absolutely love this post and your outfit! So cute!


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  7. Awesome post Kat, really happy for you!!!